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Tech Supply - We Understand Steel Mill

Metal Pass has a strong team of technical experts, each of whom usually has 15 to 30 years of experiences after receiving Ph.D. from USA or Germany. The Tech Supply of Metal Pass covers a wide range of highly technological products and services.

Supplies and Activities

Mill Project References

Each of our steel mill experts has many projects completed worldwide. Project examples of our experts on various steel rolling mills and mill related equipment are listed as follows:

Mill software projects, such as those on Level 2 model and roll pass design, are described in more detail in the Mill Level 2 Model Project Series, Mill Related Projects, and Metal Pass Recent Publications, and so on.

The Steel Plate/Steckle Mill Level 2 was jointly developed by Metal Pass and one of its partners. Metal Pass, with high expertise on rolling process models, develops mission-critical functions such as Level 2 model, while certain less technology-intensive sections, such as data collection and the interface with Level 1 and Level 3, etc., are developed by the partner. The Steel Strip Mill Level 2 is the version developed by those Metal Pass experts who have previously developed and supported a similar Level 2 system for many years in US steel mills. The Steel Wire Rod Mill Level 2  was firstly customized based on several Level 2 packages developed by Metal Pass experts for various steel mill sectors EAF, LMF and Caster, and then extended to add mill process and product models. The Misc. Mill Software and Systems consists of a collection of miscellaneous mill software packages including Roll pass software Packages, Level 2 Packages and Support Programs, Level 3 Models, Industrial Automation System Packages and General Engineering Software Packages, etc.

The Wire Rod Mill, after been ordered, will be manufactured by Metal Pass partners based on the key design of Metal Pass. Metal Pass will supply major technological design and mill parameter calculation, and provides electric equipment selection based on the calculation. Metal Pass' partners will manufacture the mill machinery based on Metal Pass' calculation, selection and various guidelines.

Metal Pass also supplies various Mill Auxiliaries, such as oil-film bearing. The machinery and equipment are mainly manufactured by Metal Pass partners under Metal Pass' design or guideline.

As an industrial expert, Metal Pass has rich resources for the technological supply including those detailed listing of resources available online.

You may view our company profiles. Please contact us via email admin@metalpass.com (preferred) or by phone (001) 503 516 9625 if you need any software system or mill machinery/equipment mentioned above.



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