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Online Applications

This section provides a number of Online applications for design and development engineers. We will gradually expand the range of applications from rolling to other metal forming processes, and eventually to the whole metallurgical/material engineering.

Those applications hide the complexity of the engineering processes, so to allow virtually any plant engineer to perform even the very complicated calculations such as the prediction of microstructure and rolled steel properties and the calculation for cross-sectional temperature distribution pass by pass with finite differential method.

Roll Design - AutoForm

There are several pieces of software that allow rolling mill engineers to perform roll pass design by simply filling in input parameters. No advanced knowledge on roll pass is required to perform a design job. This set of applications includes:

Roll Design - FreeForm

This set of programs gives roll pass designers full freedom in designing groove and pass parameters and specify spread behavior of metal. High-quality spread and forward slip models are provided as default. These powerful packages also incorporate tension correction for spread and forward slip into the metal deformation prediction. They can be used not only to design new passes, but also to study and improve the existing ones. The applications include:

Mill load

A list of programs are used to calculate roll separating force, torque and power requirements during hot rolling of wire rod. They cover following passes or pass sequences:

Temperature during rolling and controlled cooling

This is a program developed with finite differential method. It is used to predict the cross-sectional temperature profile during rolling and controlled cooling (water-box cooling). Temperature profile in multiple stages (rolling, air cooling and controlled cooling) can be determined.


This application, equipped with various microstructural models, allows average engineering personnel to simulate very complicated microstructural processes, by simply filling in several process parameters.


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